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Which of toni's songs means the most to you and why?

I expect serious replys people
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this is such a great question.
breathe again
seriously, its really emotional and i used to listen to it in middle school when i was grounded (which was pretty much all of middle school) and i couldn't see whatever asshole it was i was seeing at the time. ohmanawesomesong.
This song was written about the breathing techniques that Toni engaged in while delivering her baby, even though it was written before she had a child. The tragedy though is that while we have a recording of this song, we don't have a recording of the actual breathing that took place during labor.
tee hee you should join
"Another Sad Love Song"

It's ok, Toni... I'm back in love sugar back again too.

Love sugar is tasty.
correction: i meant, "once again" not back again.
"Un-break my heart"

I used to watch this video and cry in middle school... and sing along with it... mmm...

It still makes me cry.
Haaa this is old nobody will ever look.

"You Mean The World To Me" and i guess the whole first CD <3
Welcome and thnaks for replying!