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Why not!!!!!!

Thanks Shana!


The Soundtrack to My Movie

Opening Credits: Chantel kreviasick "time"
Waking-up Scene: "Jesus Love you" by Jewel

Average-day Scene: "You Can Do Anything" Carole King
Best-friend Scene: "You Got It" by Whoopi Goldberg
Driving Scene: "Anywhere But Here" by kd lang
First-date Scene: "Anywhere you go" by Shawn Colvin
Falling-In-Love Scene: "Can I Have This Dance" by Vonda Shepard
Love Scene: "When I Hear My Name" The White Stripes
Fight-With Friend Scene: "It's Over" Lisa Loeb

Break-up Scene: "Dont Tell Me" Bijou Phillips                                                                                 Get-back-together Scene: "You Were Meant For Me" Audra McDonald
"Life's Okay" Scene: "Goodnight" Melissa Etheridge                                                                       Heartbreak Scene: "The Road Between" Lisa Marie Presley                                                         Mental Breakdown Scene: "Malibu" Hole                                                                                   Lesson-Learning Scene: Good Enough by Sarah McLachlan                                                           Deep-Thought Scene: "lumina" Joan Osbourne
Flashback Scene: "This Time" Carole King                                                                                            Party Scene: "Love is the groove" Cher                                                                                        Happy Dance Scene: "Too far from texas" Stevie Nicks                                                                       Regret Scene: "please forgive me" Melissa Etheridge                                                                       Long-Night Alone Scene: "Something Vague" Bright Eyes                                                              Wedding Scene: Wedding Song by Tracy Chapman                                                                    Closing Credits: "The End of The World" by Nina Gordon

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