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28th June 2004

eatyourgreens9:46pm: http://www.ryanmcfaul.com/mirror/gb_medium.html

Love it. Live it. BE IT.

29th May 2004

wild_bijou8:01am: where have i been!?!?

i miss you, Arthur

20th March 2004

rainea1:25am: there is music playing and trains inthe background and to my drunk on coke and malibu mind it all seems very fitting and funny and maybe if pictures made noise, picturesque.

4th March 2004

eatyourgreens6:28pm: Hey, y'all remember Swedish sensation Robyn (Robin?).

She sang "Show me Love" and "Do You Know what it Takes?"

She was the bomb.
Current Mood: nostalgic

23rd February 2004

chriscatatonic1:06am: what is up
with this community? c'mon ya'llllllllllllll what's up with miss braxton?

29th January 2004

superstaricon1:26am: Why not!!!!!!

Thanks Shana!


The Soundtrack to My Movie

Opening Credits: Chantel kreviasick "time"
Waking-up Scene: "Jesus Love you" by Jewel

Average-day Scene: "You Can Do Anything" Carole King
Best-friend Scene: "You Got It" by Whoopi Goldberg
Driving Scene: "Anywhere But Here" by kd lang
First-date Scene: "Anywhere you go" by Shawn Colvin
Falling-In-Love Scene: "Can I Have This Dance" by Vonda Shepard
Love Scene: "When I Hear My Name" The White Stripes
Fight-With Friend Scene: "It's Over" Lisa Loeb

Break-up Scene: "Dont Tell Me" Bijou Phillips                                                                                 Get-back-together Scene: "You Were Meant For Me" Audra McDonald
"Life's Okay" Scene: "Goodnight" Melissa Etheridge                                                                       Heartbreak Scene: "The Road Between" Lisa Marie Presley                                                         Mental Breakdown Scene: "Malibu" Hole                                                                                   Lesson-Learning Scene: Good Enough by Sarah McLachlan                                                           Deep-Thought Scene: "lumina" Joan Osbourne
Flashback Scene: "This Time" Carole King                                                                                            Party Scene: "Love is the groove" Cher                                                                                        Happy Dance Scene: "Too far from texas" Stevie Nicks                                                                       Regret Scene: "please forgive me" Melissa Etheridge                                                                       Long-Night Alone Scene: "Something Vague" Bright Eyes                                                              Wedding Scene: Wedding Song by Tracy Chapman                                                                    Closing Credits: "The End of The World" by Nina Gordon

Current Mood: creative

15th January 2004

superstaricon1:22am: Do you wanna be honest?

Okie so I have two VERY  important questions adn i need help

  1. My old boss called me and asked me to help him design a new line of queer themed tee's, something hip.  I definetly want to avoid whats been done and try to keep in with the high fashion tee's of late. Very queer eye. What kinds of tee's would you want to see?
  2. Also, next semester, I'm taking over a queer themed t.v. show...It's a panel show and Im not sure what Im gonna wind up doing. Its 2 hrs a week! Any suggestions would be appreaceated!!!

Sorry But I am X-Posting!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: thoughtful

9th January 2004

harim11:36pm: whats this com about again?
seems pretty random to me...
arthur...care to explain?!

anyways...seems cool...and funny...so i ll stay....

Current Mood: confused

1st January 2004

superstaricon1:56pm: Koko would like another bump
Vicki vickymouse and I are the biggest baps EVER...

IWillHave Chosen: so what else is up
xEditTheSadPartx: nothing really. just hanging out waiting for tori to get up
IWillHave Chosen: hehehe
xEditTheSadPartx: she wanted to send a $60 cab for me last night but i wouldnt let her so i want to go see her today but she is sleeping
IWillHave Chosen: where are you that it would cost 60
xEditTheSadPartx: in midwood but cabs around here were charging double
IWillHave Chosen: gross
xEditTheSadPartx: i paid $10 for it to take me to my friends house who lives 3 blocks away
IWillHave Chosen: so gross
xEditTheSadPartx: oh yah
IWillHave Chosen: idda been like nigga pleaez u know u aint chargin a bitch 10$ to rid in you busted ass shit...I have hairs to dos and shit and then stormed off
xEditTheSadPartx: lol i should have
IWillHave Chosen: hehe
xEditTheSadPartx: but then my made up stank ass woulda been home all night
IWillHave Chosen: a bitch can walk in her fake ass Blahniks
xEditTheSadPartx: bitch DOES NOT rock fake ass Blahniks
xEditTheSadPartx: scuuuuuse YOU
IWillHave Chosen: Shit those shoes be as fake as yo hair
xEditTheSadPartx: LOL
IWillHave Chosen: mhmm
xEditTheSadPartx: bitch can't even AFFORD fake ass Blahniks
IWillHave Chosen: oh no you did not
xEditTheSadPartx: yes i did.
IWillHave Chosen: my babys daddy pay fo dat shit
xEditTheSadPartx: my babys daddy is in prison
IWillHave Chosen: dats why i gots fo babys daddys
xEditTheSadPartx: mmm yeah good idea, i'm going to go get knocked up right now. wow, 2004 is looking up already

Oh if only Toni Braxton were here...
Current Mood: geeky

10th December 2003

superstaricon4:16pm: I <3 bette
Do you want to dance?
Current Mood: chipper
rainea3:42pm: my name is raine & i sometimes piss in cups.
i love arthur.
thats not to say that loving arthur is weird like pissing in cups. those are just two things that were going on in my mind.

3rd December 2003

superstaricon12:20pm: le blah
You are STRANGE!

What Tori Amos Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Current Mood: blah

2nd December 2003

superstaricon10:00pm: Keep it going...


Current Mood: creative

20th November 2003

superstaricon8:33am: HAHAHA
This community is 73% masculine.
What does your LJ writing style say about your gender?
LJ Gender Tool by hutta

this is the best news ever...
Current Mood: content

17th November 2003

superstaricon12:37am: Question of the Week
Who Sang Centerfold?

Thank to Rebecca!!
Current Mood: chipper

14th November 2003

kitschy11:32pm: hi! i just joined the community. my name is stephanie. um..i don't know what else to say.

11th November 2003

luciaoflunar1:14am: my favorite interest:
oh my god i just realized that "sleeping with gangstas" is one of the interests on this community! hot!! .. did i put that there? oooooh man!
luciaoflunar12:58am: FROM YOUR CO-MODERATOR
maybe i'm just a bit overly obsessed with my so-called life right now..
so i have 2 questions of the week.

1.don't you think that graham chase (angela's dad) looks like robert downey jr.?
2.does angela belong with brian krakow or jordan catalano?

(oh yeah, arthur.. my robert downey jr. question was partially inspired by your ally mcbeal icon

oh yeah, and arthur.. i'm still going to marry brian krakow.)

3rd November 2003

superstaricon7:27pm: TBBers,

I need your help our co-moderator Kaleena has has dropped LJ feeling un loved and i dunno everyone should send her an email hug...and as always tell yr friedns to join. Her email is Kaleenakelly@hotmail.com and her AIM is vibesnstf...


1-Which is yr favorite Toni "look"

2-Fav Michael Jackson Song?


29th October 2003

luciaoflunar8:15pm: question of the week from your comoderator.
would you lick an ice cream cone that hitler licked?

27th October 2003

superstaricon6:26am: hehehe
Thank you mona thelma_monamay

justin: everyonce in a while i get this sharp pain in my stomach and it means its really gonna hurt to poop

janet: once a month i get this pain all over the lower half of my body and it means im going to bleed from my vagina
vickymouse2:45am: Uh, I was told to do this...
JacobFaint: um so yeah...u need to join my comm the end
xEditTheSadPartx: your comm?
JacobFaint: yes on lj
xEditTheSadPartx: oooh ok.. what is it?
JacobFaint: tonibraxtonbaby
xEditTheSadPartx: uh
xEditTheSadPartx: is it for toni braxton? cuz she stopped making me high in like 1996..

22nd October 2003

superstaricon5:47pm: QAW
Which of toni's songs means the most to you and why?

I expect serious replys people
Current Mood: curious

16th October 2003

superstaricon3:26am: It seems sooo miniscuel
this is sooo important

Current Mood: cranky

14th October 2003

malnourished9:54pm: Oh look...
wait..what? oh my...
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